Do you need a professional portfolio to highlight your creative talents?

Arty Classes offer one-to-one support with a SUPER-TUTOR in the comfort of your own environment, helping you to build a portfolio that even Central Saint Martins would find hard to turn down!

We help produce portfolios at any level and in any creative field, be that fashion, textiles, fine art, graphics or photography. We can provide all your materials and equipment if needed and will work with you as much or as little as you wish.

One-to-one portfolio preparation tutorials

  • UK students: £160 per 2 hr session (plus parking)
  • International students: £200 per 2 hr session (plus parking)

Any hours there after within the same session is charged at:

  • UK: £50.00 per hour
  • International: £60 per hour

Arty Classes’ one-to-one tutorials are a great opportunity for you to receive high-quality creative feedback on your personal requirements, which can lead to a successful art and design portfolio, or, for the practicing artist or designer, inspire innovative ideas and concepts, alongside the exploration of materials, process and technique.

Who are these tutorials for?

  • Art and Design portfolio students who need a little extra help in starting/finalising the organisation of their portfolio.
  • Applicants for Foundation, UCAS or Masters courses
  • Practicing artists looking for new ideas and direction
  • People seeking professional development opportunities with a creative career change in mind

Our support packages are flexible. We offer a choice of pay-as-you-go or block booking for all levels, beginner to advanced and also group work shops.

Each One-One Tutorial booking is delivered in 2-hour minimum sessions with a fully qualifies SUPER-TUTOR. During each session you will then be set specific tasks to learn or improve that relate to your personal needs. At the end of each session a ‘Independent Study’ outline will be discussed and drawn up for you to follow through in your own time/ready for your next session. The whole process is very bespoke led which is ideal for your University applications – we want you to succeed in your chosen path! Aim for the stars!

Reference opportunities

For committed students we can also provide a very supportive reference from ‘Arty Classes’ for your Foundation, UCAS Undergraduate, Masters applications or even a job.  We have a close working relationship with the University of the Arts London and University of Creative Arts London and many more art and design education establishments, fashion houses and studios!

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