Arts and crafts sessions for younger children

Need some extra fun for your children after school? Want to get a group together to have a weekly/weekend session? At ‘Arty Classes’ we have a wide range of activities for extra energetic creative children.

Make your children the coolest kids at the school with their own private ‘Arty Class’ SUPER-TUTOR. Your children will get creative and have fun, but what they do not know is they are still leaning maths, science etc during each fun session.

Postmark NO MESSThe Arty Classes ‘No Mess Policy’

We work in the most beautiful houses in Kensington, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and further afield – house keepers or no house keepers – there will not be mess at the end of the session. All paint and glues are water based  – so can come out in a simple wash. Aprons/protective equipment will be provided and always at the end of each class – your children will always have an amazing piece of art to be proud of. This is important for a child to understand time restraints and the sense of accomplishment during and after an ‘Arty Class’.

Basic Arty equipment/materials are provided for each session anything extra will be discussed beforehand.

Should you wish to explore other areas within art, design, fashion and textiles – do let us know and we can give you a cost in advance.


Learning through creative play

At ‘Arty Classes’ we believe that art is just not about being messy, art is not just about imagination.
As we are so passionate about children embracing art, and we have compiled a brief outline in what else children learn whilst learning art and design.
Art is critical for the whole child and is essential for the development for the right hand side of the brain.

Increased creativity improves…

Communication , Language and Literacy

  • Sound/listening
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Interaction with artists and community (ask and listen to questions)
  • Extend vocabulary
  • Working collaboratively
  • Understand the main elements such as the characters and story sequence.

Mathematical development

  • Counting – ie flowers, shapes, buttons to stick/sew onto costumes/garments/accessoires and objects
  • Solve problems mathematically.
  • Symmetry – flower petals, rockets and butterfly’s
  • 2D/3D shapes with space, position and relationships between objects
  • Use mathematical language such as smaller, heavier, lighter, longer, circle, flat and measuring.
  • Play mathematical games and puzzles based on various themes

Creative Development

  • Explore colour, texture, shape, form, space in 2D/3D forms
  • Express ideas using a wide range of tools and play, in movement, in dance and in music
  • Explore music

Personal and Social development

  • Confidence to try new activities and initiate ideas
  • Work as a team taking turns
  • Be interested and motivated to learn about carnival in families and communities as well as in educational settings
  • Develop respect for own cultures and beliefs of those of others
  • Understand that people have different cultures which need to be treated with respect
  • Understand that they can expect others to treat their cultures with respect

Physical development

  • Develop and awareness of their bodies and how they can use their bodies to explore a range of feelings and characters
  • Move with confidence and imagination individually and with others
  • Move with increased co-ordination in developing dance to music and rhythm
  • Use their bodies to explore space both indoors and outdoors

Knowledge and understanding of the world

  • Explore a variety of materials and use them imaginative ways to solve practical problems
  • Learn new techniques for working with materials
  • Learn about how materials change and what properties that they have – ie making costumes – consider strength, weight, resistance to wind and ability to resist rain
  • Select the tools and techniques that they need
  • Learn about force movement
primary school tutor


2 hours minimum (£160) for one child, a tiny extra for each child thereafter.

Basic materials are included in this cost. Travel in Essex and London is included, but not parking.

Please do let us know if you have private parking in advance – our kits are usually really big and filled with everything creative and colourful!

After school group sessions

For after school clubs/workshops at schools/theaters/work places – rates vary from the size of the group and also how long the project is contracted for. Please do contact us and we can get back to you with a details breakdown and our suggested creativity plan of action.