Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered here, simply contact us.

What is the availablity of 'Arty Classes'?

‘Arty Classes’ SUPER-TUTOR’s work on a freelance basis, so we will do our very best to fit around you. We do book up in advance very fast, so as soon as you want a session, just contact us.

We offer our creative services seven days a week (including holidays.)

Some people have deadlines, so we do not mind early or late sessions – we are here to guide you as much or as little as you wish.

Can I get some friends together and have a group workshop

Absolutely! This is a super way to have fun with your friends.

We offer a wide range of bespoke workshops and brainstorming sessions for foundation/university students.

Silk screen print workshops are super popular in our East London Studio. Prepare to get messy!

You name it and we will make it become a reality!

Do contact us and we can inform you of the best group rates.

Do you have age limits?

Art and design is for everyone at all ages… so we say no to age limits and yes to being CREATIVE!

Are you able to offer a regular slot?

At ‘Arty Classes’ we do offer regular slots and will always try our very best to accommodate you – we are not called SUPER-TUTOR’s for nothing!

What if I am on the waiting list?

‘Arty Classes’ book up very fast, especially during term times.

If we do not have a suitable time/date slot for you, we will add you to our waiting list and aim to see you within our 7 day ‘Arty Classes’ promise!

Can I hire you for a whole day?

Yes you can! This is a very popular request.

You can also hire SUPER-TUTOR’s exclusively for a week with a block booking – some intensive courses work best this way. The intensive courses are very popular with international students in London for a limited period and with portfolio deadlines.

Block booking has a strict connection policy and a different price structure.

Can I request a particular member of staff?

Yes! This is totally fine with us. We want you to be happy with the member of staff that you are working with.

We all have different skills and we want to empower you to be the best!

Can you travel abroad and teach me or be my travel buddy?

At ‘Arty Classes’ the SUPER-TUTOR’s are used to travelling abroad with clients. We have clients all over the world, including America, Azerbaijan, China, Hong Kong, Monaco, New York, Paris, Russia, Saudi Arabia, St Tropez, Sweden and Switzerland.

Travel buddies are a brilliant way of not travelling on your own, being safe and your SUPER-TUTOR life coach guiding you every step of the way.

We also teach many more various nationalities here in London and we are very respectful to each and every culture and religion.

Do you offer Skype/facetime sessions?

Yes, we do! This is a super way to communicate with international students whilst you are abroad.

These sessions are charge at a basic rate of £60 per hour for regular clients and can be payable either through Paypal and also our easy payment system which is coming soon.

Do you offer email Q&A sessions?

Yes, we do! This is an excellent way to receive support for your studies.

Basic questions are free of charge to regular clients but questions that involve researching etc will be charged at a basic rate of £60 per hour and can be payable through Paypal and our online easy payment system which will be up and running shortly.

Can you set private projects for personal progression within my chosen creative field?

Yes! We can set you extra projects, college and industry based. We can also critique these for you in accordance to the constructive critiqueing at college and professionally.

We want all students to be the BEST so it’s wise to INVEST in extra curricular ‘Arty Classes’.

SUPER-TUTOR’s go above and beyond our line of duty, we are your life coach!

Can you give me a regular update on the progress of my child?

Yes – we believe it is important to record our students’ progression.

This service is increasingly popular with international students parents.

We offer a mentoring service and this all falls in the same category this is what makes SUPER-TUTOR’S so amazing.

Do you keep my assignments, projects and personal life private?

The ‘Arty Classes’ team take your privacy very seriously.

Signing NDA (non disclosure) forms for personal or business reasons is something that we regularly do for our client basis throughout the world.

This can be discussed at your convenience. 

If we felt that you or your career could benefit from having your work shown to someone in the industry, we would discuss this with you.

Is art equipment provided?

Basic equipment is provided but student are encouraged to invest in your own paper, paints, fabrics etc to be able to study in your own time to progress your chosen skills.

If there is anything that you want in particular that you need and do not have the time, let us know and we can deliver it to you from our ‘Arty classes’ shop (coming soon!).

We also offer a no mess guarantee! All paint and glue is water based – so this can come out in a basic wash in your washing machine.  The room will be left as it was when we first arrived! NO MESS POLICY!

Can you loan equipment if I am visiting London?

Yes, this is a service that is regularly requested for international students. A small charge and a deposit will be taken and deposit will be returned if all goods are in the same condition as when first lent out.

We have state of the art electronic Singer sewing machines, K&L mannequins, heat press’s, sub printers and plotter cutters to loan out as well as a huge range of interesting inspiration, fabrics and random elements that you can choose from!

Do the 'Arty Classes' staff have CRB checks?

Yes, we all have enhanced CRB certificates and these can be produced upon request.

How much do 'Arty Classes' cost in London?

UK passports: £160 per 2 hr session plus parking
International passports: £200 per 2 hr session plus parking

Travel is included but only covers central London/Essex.

Any hours teaching there after is charged at £50 per hour (UK passports) and £60ph (International passports).

Groups of two or more – please contact us for further information as rates vary. Night time rates and rates after 8 hour booking is charged at £100.00ph.

How can we pay?

There are 2 ways of paying: Cash on the day and bank transfer.

Our on line payment system will be coming shortly.

Cleared funds, either cash or bank transfer is required on the day of the class, unless, contracts are in place.

Receipts can also be emailed to parents/guardians/PA’s along with a brief progress report. Payments not made within a 45 day period will be automatically be doubled. No excuse for not paying – we too have bills to pay.

What is your cancellation policy?

As a small and growing business, we do have a cancellation policy.

Once the session has been booked and confirmed in writing – we do need 24 hours notice for cancellations or it will be charged at full session rate.

Block bookings have a strict no cancellation policy and once confirmed, the full rates apply.

Where are you located?

We are situated in both Essex and in London but will always come to the students location as we find students work better in their own environment. We can travel the world to make your creative dreams come true!

We are in the process of growing the business due to popularity and we are also looking to obtain some central London premises for group workshops and to cater for a wider creative market. It is very exciting – so watch this space!