‘Secret support’ with your art, design fashion or textiles course

No need for stress or struggle – invest in an ‘Arty Classes’ SUPER-TUTOR and be the best!

We understand that you may need ‘secret help’, and no-one needs to know that you have your very own Arty Classes SUPER-TUTOR.

As a creative designer you must have sound contextual knowledge of design, historical and contemporary. You need good research skills investigating culture, traditions and artifacts and be willing to visit museums and galleries, such as the V&A Museum and the British Museum in London, fashion shows, pop up shops and events, to embrace the whole situation for your dream job.

Your very own ‘Arty Classes’ SUPER-TUTOR brings you all of this and more – we go above and beyond the duty of a basic tutor. Why settle for anything less?

We will help you to demonstrate skills, innovation, individuality, build your confidence and empower you through the creative arts. Your SUPER-TUTOR will also enable you to develop your own personal sense of design, style and direction.

Your ‘Arty Classes’ SUPER-TUTOR will enable you to and not limited too:

  • Build your portfolio exploring creative drawing skills, in a range of materials and mediums.
  • Discover the figure, fabric, materials and colour. To be aware of innovative digital technologies.
  • Experiment with mood board layout, surface and presentation.
  • Learn how to apply these skills to create mixed media sculptural fashion forms, prototypes, textile products etc.
  • How and when to apply digital design fundamentals depending on what level you are.
  • Co-ordinate for seasonal collections, exhibitions and commissions.
  • Develop a sense design and detail
  • Learn illustration techniques and digital photography
  • Plan and execute photoshoots of exhibition, fashion garments, accessories etc

With some hard work and determination your dream job can be yours: start now with your personal SUPER-TUTOR!

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