Your one-stop-shop for support and guidance in art, design, fashion and textiles:

At ‘Arty Classes’ we offer a broad range of support services with SUPER-TUTOR’s in art, design, fashion and textiles.

From professional portfolios that CSM would find hard to turn down to last-minute coursework that you have forgotten about, irrisistable university applications to bespoke degree SUPER-TUTOR mentoring, we can help students to be the best in their creative field.

We also specialise in supporting international students here in London and abroad with our truly British style.

Whatever aspect of your art and design course or career you require help with, we will be with you every step of the way and always with a smile! We believe in empowerment through the creative arts, we are only ever positive and will always nurture you in the right direction.

SUPER-TUTOR’s go above and beyond our line of duty of a basic tutor. We become your life coach and take the stress out of your !


We only employ artists and designers with the best skills and that have been trained at the best schools, fashion houses and artist studios worldwide.

We are constantly updating our knowledge on the latest designers, collections, artists and processes as well as techniques and technology. Creativity is our passion and we truly love what we do.


We understand that you may need ‘secret help’, and no-one needs to know that you have your very own ‘Arty Classes’ SUPER-TUTOR.

We are discreet, hardworking and professional.

We know that there are not enough hours for the teachers and lectures to get round the whole class each tutorial and that you want to be the best! Do not let this stop you living your dream: let ‘Arty Classes’ give you the extra help you need to make it a reality.

We respect your privacy and welcome you into the ‘Arty Classes’ art and design programme.



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